The Edge of Reason – River (Single)

THE EDGE OF REASON have personally asked me to do these two single reviews, quite some time ago but due to several different complications I couldn’t get around to them, so before I get into this I’d like to thank the band personally, first for requesting the review it means a lot tat such a small time review blog site gets so much request, I can’t express enough gratitude, to all the bands I’ve so far reviewed and interviewed I appreciate it so much, now with all that mushy stuff out of the way lets get right into it



From the very beginning of this song I knew straight away this was going to be something extremely special, with the title it could go either way depending on your interpretation and view, for me with such a vast knowledge of music I from the beginning as I stated this would be different, I understand that was quite repetitive anyway enough rambling.

A very Symphonic introduction with a hint of Maiden and early Nightwish is what I get from the start of this, now this has actually left me somewhat at a loss for words, I’m not sure just how to describe this track, its heavy, fast, but with the clear vocals pretty much throughout that’s what makes this stand out the most, the one thing I noticed was no breakdown, minus the bridge meeting the solo that is your breakdown, now while this band is known widely for their unmistakable breakdowns, the direction of this song although may be a little different again, is exactly what the music world is looking for, some people are a fan of the whole if it’s not broke, but I admire the fact this band is pushing unnecessary boundaries and have no doubt they’ll be gaining fans from every side of the spectrum if they continue this direction, while this is still TEOR I can’t see anything this band won’t accomplish if they keep pushing these pillars!



All I can say here is guys keep up this incredible work! I’ve not seen such drastic change between two singles let alone a previous album, while making it work, I urge all the metal community give this band a listen, they may not be to everyone’s taste but I assure you, you all have at least one friend that will love this up and coming band, I only hope I’m there front and center to witness their rise to the top!

The Edge of Reason – Prison of Terror (Single)

I can’t speak for everyone on this but I for one am glad to say that Regensburgs own Metalcore pioneers THE EDGE OF REASON are back with not one but two singles, since these don’t need no introduction, lets get right into it with the first single PRISON OF TERROR

The first unmistakable feature in this song is the while generic intro, it has a certain ambiance to it, almost like the apocalypse is here, heed this warning just before an almost heart stopping start, the first thing I notice personally on this is a very Trivium-esque feel, middle ground, Shogun era springs to mind. In true TEOR sound fast paced guitar, flawless double bass, right into the bridge accompanied by a very unique brand of clean and distorted vocals, bringing us right the way to the breakdown, which shows such influences from All That Remains to Bring Me The Horizon, followed by the very nicely placed screams of panic, this song is more a case you can feel like you are in this, clinging onto the edge of your seat every step of the way.


Although this is not your typical TEOR track the slight change in course direction is a very interesting turn, keeping everything fresh and keeping us guessing whats coming next, I for one am very interested in seeing just what the future holds for this band!

The Edge of Reason – Broken But Not Torn (Review)

THE EDGE OF REASON are a German Post Metalcore band from the City of Regensberg. I have very little information on them but from what I hear personally, They are a melodic post metalcore band with clearly lots of inspiration from artists such as Bullet for my Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Blessthefall, A Day To Remember, Falling in Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens Escape the Fate and even elements of Papa Roach very obviously if you are a fan of any of these artists you will most likely really take to THE EDGE OF REASON. On a personal reflection of the band at first there in my opinion are hints of some Pop/Punk artists such as All Time Low hidden in the mix, Now with all you need to know about the band lets get down to the review!

As soon as this song kicks in the first thing I think is early Black Veil Brides, now I know what your all thinking straight away, for all the elitists don’t give up just yet, because it quickly becomes a very well selected first track for the album, with music and various lyrical pieces very similar to Perfect Weapon, but very suddenly hit a pretty impressive Metalcore feel breakdown, the vocals are insanely diverse going from clean to, growls, screams and just about anything you could imagine, varying from very obvious elements of the aforementioned names prior to this, the bridge then kicks in and we have another feel to the spectrum of the very well received Trivium. From this song I can tell this is going to be definitely the most diverse review I’ve done to date, with so much to choose from so early it’s hard to not get excited for this one.


Being a huge fan of meaning behind music, this one does feel very relative and to the majority of my followers and readers you’ll know from the title of this that it has depth, perception and meaning. With a once again massive in your face riff followed with a scream the only way I can put this is if Killswitch Engage and Falling In Reverse had a baby is the only way I can describe this song, it’s so heavy but with a very all around listenable vibe, even for those, ‘oh not that screamy crap’ people it has a huge ‘She Loves Me Not’ Papa Roach feel too which I didn’t think would at all work together in the conclusion of this song it’s all about Lust and questioning Love and choices.


Ronnie Radke? Is that you? This is technically the title track of the album going by the lyrics, I want to rip it up and prevent her demise, I’m Broken But Not Torn, This track to be perfectly honest it was something I didn’t see coming at all, so the element of surprise was a little overwhelming which is exactly what everyone is looking for in a song, at just over 3 minutes making it one of the shortest songs on the album it wastes no time in getting the point across and oddly enough is so far my favorite song on the album.


WOW, talk about wasting no time in getting back to the heavy side of the spectrum  that intro just blew my head off, and I can still see from the lyrics there’s a deep meaning to all these tracks this far, It just keeps getting better and better the farther I go along with this review I am a little lost for words with such a wide diversity in style, I still can’t quite pin point a definitive genre for these guys


Here’s what I was waiting for the ballad, that every band is under contract to write at least one in each album released. Now keeping personal life away from business in this case this one is a ballad that hit home for me, from elements of Get Scared, I loved a liar, you played your roll very well, I was set on fire, am I living in hell’ NOW I’VE LEFT YOU’ this song much the rest of them really get the point across, no cryptic writings in these guys, no searching for hidden meanings, the hearts on the sleeve with these lyrics, and the breakdown in the last minute, the snare work is fantastic in this it’s so fairly simple but utalised to it’s full in this one in particular.


A very post grunge feel to this track from the very second it starts, very post riffs, big in your face bass work, I think this is however the only 4/4 drum beat in the whole album I’ve not spoken enough about Niko’s work on this review so far much the same as Dani but I feel this track speaks volumes for these two  members the closing scream is also a very unique twist to this.


Exactly what your probably thinking a very Power Metal meets Screamo Meets Melodic Death this one actually really showcases the talent this band genuinely has, when reading the biography I was a little thrown as to what to expect from this band but Seven tracks in and I’m still finding them so surprising that you just don’t know whats coming next, I can’t wait to get to the last track because I’m expecting a monstrous climax to this album and going by what I’ve so far heard we won’t be disappointed. The one major thing I’ve noticed at this point is these guys LOVE breakdowns and bridged choruses.


Have we found our second ballad, I don’t quite know if we have, it’s slower than the previous but it’s still a little too heavy to be considered the ‘ballad’ of the album with guest vocals and completely mind blowing change throughout the whole song these guys don’t seem to want to let up at all, Heavy, Chunky, Light, Maidenesque Gallop, Chilled out Bridge the only thing I have at all negative in the whole album is at the end of this track it’s begging for the breakdown that’s just not there, that being said there’s no way you can say it’s a bad song, it’s just lacking that oomph that the rest of the tracks had.


With a total relentless assault on these instruments this takes us right back into a world of, ‘how can we describe these’ The transfer rate of the vocals from one word to another to another in 3 different tones is spectacular the whole all around of this song sounds like one of those drive angry songs, when the adrenaline flows and the fists are pumping you wanna just let loose, great energy in this one.


That introductive riff baring a little similarity to A Day To Remember‘s Shot in the Dark, Now we begin to see where the inspiration from them comes from this isn’t exactly what you may expect from the title this seems to be the cryptic track I was speaking of a few songs up, this one really peaks my interest possibly the most, as it’s the most unique song of the album, you really can’t even remotely subject what this is about entirely, fascinating song!.


We start with an almost haunting introduction that you just know whats coming next is gonna hit hard and fast, now you may be thinking it’s not all that fast, which it’s arguably not until near the last minute in it but this is a perfect closer to and pretty perfect album, the ringing out of the distorted drop tuned guitars you almost expect this close to connect with the opening of the next album and if this album was anything to go by, I can’t wait for the next one


I’m still sat here in pretty much awe, as to what to quite put this album down to be, as it’s so unpredictable you really just don’t know whats coming next but yet you can’t wait for it, this in my opinion is definitely in for the run of one of my top albums this year and even with this being a non prophet-able business for me, I assure you I for one will gladly be purchasing this album.