SHOT DOWN SOUTH are a four piece Melodic Death Metalcore (that’s right A Melodic Death Metalcore) band from Carton Georgia now I understand classifying these guys as such will brew quite the storm but ironically that’s exactly what these four guys are doing with this EP, So with very little information on this band and only finding them via a follow on Instagram I jumped at the chance to review this EP before these guys become too big to get a hold of from the smaller review circle

Let me paint you a picture real quickly before getting direct into the album, you’ve had a long hard day at work, you’ve returned home to a copy of this EP with a note that specifies this will relax you after a hard day at work, so you put the disc into the player and press play, pour your beverage of choice sit back and relax, You hear a quite eary introduction followed by piano calming down….before that storm


As stated before a beautifully presented intro followed by simply put blistering double bass accompanied by a very classically modern toned guitar, as if ARCH ENEMY and IRON MAIDEN just made a baby. The storm has come, thundering vocals as dark and heavy as they get, etching the death metal side, followed with the melodic screams turned right into clean vocals, now at this stage as a writer I’m a little lost for words as to how to describe just what I hear, with so much going on generally I’d instantly go, no too much combined and it won’t work, but in this case these guys have nailed it from the aforementioned intro to the mini breakdown accompanying the verse, the symphonic melody to a simplistic but flawlessly fitting solo this song is one of the best intro tracks to an album I’ve heard in 20 odd years.



The title alone made me fall in love with this song, the more I listen the more artists I hear influences from, some which will be very welcomed others, not so much but I personally love them all. This one in particlar I hear so much ANDY BIERSACK from BLACK VEIL BRIDES now I am very aware of the hate they receive but never understood it, anyway sticking with the pianist intro which is so refreshing with Metal music these days this track shows in comparison to the first one, just how much this band has to offer, from parental terrifying vocals, to very nice rhythmic riffs, a chunky bridge, to a heart stopping brekdown which is ironically accompanied by ‘Goodbye, this is the end’ I think all in all this would be the more radio friendly track off of the EP.



This was such an amazing surprise for me personally, the almost angelic toned intro, I’ve heard that voice before, after 7 replays and countless subtractions of female vocals, it hit me…CONQUER DIVIDE’S own Kiareley Castillo made an appearance on this track which made it incredibly interesting with a symphonic backbeat the whole way combined once again beautifully with every that you now know makes SHOT DOWN SOUTH who they are this makes for something very standout ish..nothing more to be said here…so you think it’s all over….NOPE!! Blindesided is the best way to put it with a very RONNIE RADKE style rap in the middle this band is just full of surprises!




Now THIS is Metalcore from the getgo! From the KILLSWITCH/ALL THAT REMAINS intro all the way to THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA drums this is a Metalcore fans cherry to top off anything, but the one thing that stood the most to me here are the vocals, for those who struggle on vocals in the heavier genre of music I urge you all, google these and just read, this is a piece of true art in its own! Lyrically amazing, Musically engaging, the ringing pinch harmonic 2-3 times this is what Metalcore is! This is why these guys are going far!!




I’m running out of things to say good about these guys but I can’t say anything bad! The introduction to this song has CHILDREN OF BODOM written all over it! From the introduction to the signature ALEXI Yeow! I do get a very TYPE O NEGATIVE/PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH vibe from this track but it’s much more Deathcore to the bone than the above said, this is one that again hits all the right notes in the right places. A very dark vibe that is matched with a PARKWAY DRIVE vocal to close!




We’ve reached the end and I for one am disheartened by this, will these guys go out with a bang or will they be buried in smoke? First thought of this song is it’s missing a few little things, personally I’d have opened with this track as the intro is total album opening material, however that aside this song smashes the barricades of what I’ve said about this band thus far, in the best way possible, this song is so diverse once again I highlight the lyrics this does really have a message to those who struggle and are down, I had noticed it was missing a breakdown…I joke, this has by far the chunkiest breakdown this EP offers , you need to get in the pit for this one, its the only way you will appreciate this one fully!, With the cross of incredible lyrics, vocalised perfectly with very unique guitar work standing out so much from the average music, these guys areas good as you’ll hear right now!




Baring in mind I’ve very little data so to speak, on these guys I was slightly overwhelmed  with this review and in the hopefully very near future I can hear more from these guys and maybe get a little back information to clean up this review a little, all in all keep an eye out for these guys cause they’ll be on the main stage before they realize!

The Harmonic’s – Sugar [EP] Review

THE HARMONICS are a 4 piece outfit from Nottingham, UK. While they classify themselves as Rock N’ Roll it’s hard to sit just as Rock N’ Roll while they have so many elements of mixed genre’s from Swing music like Frank Sinatra to Punk artists like The Jam and Joan Jett with a taste of Chuck Berry and almost everything in between with a hint of funk!



Swinging right into action (pun very intended) really brings us right back to the 60’s in a typical swinging 60’s lyrical and musically themed song, as it would be considered an introduction to the album we can forgive the short length of the song and to be honest its the only thing I have negative to say about it, very well structured song, even the solo is dynamically 60’s based, a great started for any band.


Absolutely loved this song, has to be the one that stands out on this EP, a very Madness meets Pistols feel to it which is epic to see anyone resurrect these kind of artists as inspiration, I could picture a video recorded in the busy streets of the UK where the band strolls by boldy walking in front of a big red bus (very cliche) but that’s what fits this, another fantastically written song.

 TRACK 3: IN 1993

Keeping with the same theme of the previous songs this one is another one that is very old school with a taste of George Thorogood in the vocal department, this is where I’d like to point out the very talented work of the brass instruments which is a bold approach to modern day music but again these guys make it work, The only thing against this song is it in my personal opinion is missing something but I can’t put my fingers on it, something as simple as missing a note or 2 in the chorus, but all in all another great piece.


It’s my job to point out the wrongs and rights in the albums I review and I try to keep it as critical but fair as possible but this track has nothing I can find wrong with it! The introductive guitar is beautiful the brass again accompanying it in the verse, the rhythm, everything this song you guys really hit it here! The chorus is one of the most captivating things I’ve written about yet. the second it hits you are caught there is no escaping it and there is no denying this is the song that will make these guys known!


This one stands out a lot personally, I wasn’t sure what I thought of this at first but it really sticks in your head, it’s something that I imagine Bowling For Soup may write, it sounds parodic but at the same time once again insanely addictive once you hear it 2-3 times, very hard to criticize this song at all, unless you consider being compared to party punk icons to be insulting.


Minus the 1-2 odd little things that come with any band these guys cannot be denied their talent, the old new approach is something that stands out and in my professional opinion needs to be heard, these guys have the talent to with the right motivation hit the charts or just about anything they want to, they have a very different style which is exactly what music needs! Keep it up guys and I for one will be looking forward to future releases