The Edge of Reason – River (Single)

THE EDGE OF REASON have personally asked me to do these two single reviews, quite some time ago but due to several different complications I couldn’t get around to them, so before I get into this I’d like to thank the band personally, first for requesting the review it means a lot tat such a small time review blog site gets so much request, I can’t express enough gratitude, to all the bands I’ve so far reviewed and interviewed I appreciate it so much, now with all that mushy stuff out of the way lets get right into it



From the very beginning of this song I knew straight away this was going to be something extremely special, with the title it could go either way depending on your interpretation and view, for me with such a vast knowledge of music I from the beginning as I stated this would be different, I understand that was quite repetitive anyway enough rambling.

A very Symphonic introduction with a hint of Maiden and early Nightwish is what I get from the start of this, now this has actually left me somewhat at a loss for words, I’m not sure just how to describe this track, its heavy, fast, but with the clear vocals pretty much throughout that’s what makes this stand out the most, the one thing I noticed was no breakdown, minus the bridge meeting the solo that is your breakdown, now while this band is known widely for their unmistakable breakdowns, the direction of this song although may be a little different again, is exactly what the music world is looking for, some people are a fan of the whole if it’s not broke, but I admire the fact this band is pushing unnecessary boundaries and have no doubt they’ll be gaining fans from every side of the spectrum if they continue this direction, while this is still TEOR I can’t see anything this band won’t accomplish if they keep pushing these pillars!



All I can say here is guys keep up this incredible work! I’ve not seen such drastic change between two singles let alone a previous album, while making it work, I urge all the metal community give this band a listen, they may not be to everyone’s taste but I assure you, you all have at least one friend that will love this up and coming band, I only hope I’m there front and center to witness their rise to the top!

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