The Edge of Reason – Prison of Terror (Single)

I can’t speak for everyone on this but I for one am glad to say that Regensburgs own Metalcore pioneers THE EDGE OF REASON are back with not one but two singles, since these don’t need no introduction, lets get right into it with the first single PRISON OF TERROR

The first unmistakable feature in this song is the while generic intro, it has a certain ambiance to it, almost like the apocalypse is here, heed this warning just before an almost heart stopping start, the first thing I notice personally on this is a very Trivium-esque feel, middle ground, Shogun era springs to mind. In true TEOR sound fast paced guitar, flawless double bass, right into the bridge accompanied by a very unique brand of clean and distorted vocals, bringing us right the way to the breakdown, which shows such influences from All That Remains to Bring Me The Horizon, followed by the very nicely placed screams of panic, this song is more a case you can feel like you are in this, clinging onto the edge of your seat every step of the way.


Although this is not your typical TEOR track the slight change in course direction is a very interesting turn, keeping everything fresh and keeping us guessing whats coming next, I for one am very interested in seeing just what the future holds for this band!

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