Fortnite – Ruining Lives or Making Them A Bit Better?

So I know this is generally a music review blog but this has been really taking the world by storm lately and I’m here to ask, is it really a great creation or a heavy burden that’s isolating children and ruining their minds?

First of all I personally think this could be a great creation but with the way it’s taking over almost everything kids do these days as of late it seems to be doing more harm than help. At first I assumed like kids with every latest craze from Minecraft to dabs, swags and meme’s this is really taking its toll on the minds of todays generation. It’s very rare and I’ll say anything bad about videogames, but here we are!

The first I noticed of this was simply when my little brother started to play this game with his friends in parties on the PS4 but if not properly supervised what is happening behind closed doors?

Upon doing a little research and monitoring my brothers behavior, reactions and language it became very clear very soon, this game is being taken way too seriously by those involved in playing it, from foul language to cyber bullying this game is warping the minds of the current generation not to mention going from consoles to phones and tablets this game will very soon be the only thing children are going to do.

From young children who had early ambitions to go into video game development and other things, to musicians this all changed, upon asking a child what was their ambition in life? Before Fortnite came along, it was web designing and videogame development. Now it’s becomre, Streaming Fortnite online and hoping to make money off of it, this is no way for a young mind to work!

In addition to this, their social life has now become strictly to a screen, outdoors no longer exist, kicking ball, playing music, listening to music, drawing, colouring, reading, even watching tv has now become YouTubing Fortnite to substitute them not playing it.

You’d assume with the age being as low as 7+ that this game would be no harm to your kids and their friends alike, but going from a set time of for example 2 hours a day with a break in between, it’s become very apparent very quickly just how aggressive children become when that time is up. The foul language also from child to child is language I wouldn’t even begin to repeat myself.

This ‘free’ game is doing great harm to your kids and not only that, the game is not free, they lure you in with the Battle Royale telling you this is a free game, but once your child or children get so engrossed you’ll find yourself paying a hefty €40 for the in game ‘Save the World’ additional content, then €10 for a battle pass every month, not to mention buying additional content such as costumes, vbux and more, expect this ‘free’ game to be one of the most expensive games you’ll purchase for your children.

I find this game to do every bit as much if not more damage to the minds of the current youth even more than Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, which encourages violence and horrific language to gangs, pimps, hookers and nore.

So parents I urge you al to please bare all this in mind before you let your kids to continue to play this game, before its too late and you too can’t control it or have them play it in moderation, I would be a bit critical myself if I didn’t admit I used to do quite a bit of online gaming myself many years ago when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released I racked up many hours online and got quite addicted myself to the point it was all I played.

So from my personal experience folks either stop before its too late or make sure they play this game in moderation

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