Stone Broken – Ain’t Always Easy

STONE BROKEN are back with a brand new album entitled AIN’T ALWAYS EASY available everywhere now via Spinefarm records, this is the very eagerly awaited followup to their explosive 2016 scdebut ALL IN TIME, and I for one cannot wait to get this underway so without any further delay here we go


Okay so I know I reviewed this and another single recently and this one in particular I had mixed feelings about, but I must admit I may have been very wrong I know people say go with the gut instict or what you initially thought but in this case I’m going to hold my hands up and admit I was very wrong, this track simply explodes out of the park with a very heavy introduction followed by a rather BLACK STONE CHERRY/NICKELBACK-esque intro that leaves you waiting and waiting, the chorus is actually very inspiring the more I hear it, but this one really shines on the guitaring just that bit more than anything, taking absolutely nothing from Robyn behind the kit because from the get go there was no stopping her in this particular track.


This one I wasn’t sure what to expect with the title but I can answer this one very simple if you are a fan of DARK HORSE era of NICKELBACK or SCARS AND SOUVINERE’S by THEORY OF A DEADMAN you will absolutely love this track it’s fast pace, hard hitting, in your face introduction bares a striking resemblance to STONE BROKEN‘s SAVE TOMORROW, but when it settles down there’s a very sexual theme and the chorus is not only insanely good and catchy but it’s intensely heavy as is the following bridge this is the perfect POST GRUNGE vibe that a lot of bands went away from but I for one really welcome this one, way to remind us what brought this genre to where it is today!


This has to be one of my personal favourites that STONE BROKEN has released period! With a very personal message that not many have the guts to take on and speak about. Without going too into detail this is a very strong message on more levels than I can put into words, it’s emotional and physical message is nothing short of, a little overwhelming if I were to be brutally honest, the lyrics hide nothing, the music is perfectly fitted for the theme and point of the track and the heartbeat introduction was the perfect touch, if you’ve not yet seen the video for this track I urge you all to do so right now via YouTube.


This would be the first ballad of the album which is no stranger to STONE BROKEN, and from the beautiful structure of the track from the music which you may be expecting a very powerful yet southern tempo solo, a chilled bridge, a beautiful verse and acompanied chorus, you need look no further a very deep message is among us once again, that if you are a home bird and out on the road, especially with music you’ll find this issue a lot but not many construct it into a song, thats exactly what these have done with this, with a modern SKYNYRD feel meeting a unique twist this track is nothing short of beautiful!


Another exploding introduction which does not let up at all, this is a very in your face song which is just head pounding, fist thumping from the get go and you just don’t want to let up, the verse does give you a little time to catch your breath but before too long the chours comes back and is right back in your face again, the bridge break while very basic is flawlessly fitting just before the solo hits followed by the closing chorus this is patent STONE BROKEN and if I may point out sounds like a part II to Heartbeat Away,


Just over half way through and I’m really glad to say that this is a different direction for STONE BROKEN and I mean that by no disrespect to the initial release because if you recall I loved ALL IN TIME, though this album has a totally different direction, sure you have the ‘traditional’ theme and sound in some of the tracks but there is such diversity in this album and this is a perfect example, its a very uplifting message, that pretty much advises to do what you want, believe and make things happen! Once again, fantatisc melody, great structure, this is one of those tracks that less is more, it’s a straight forward anthem that gets the message across loud and clear with minimal effort on all members parts, and to be perfectly honest if there were any more added to it, it would take away from it! There is something about this song I can’t put my finger on but if you need that uplift in your life, or that solditude, check out this track, the best way to describe it would be old THREE DAYS GRACE a truly inspirational track telling you to not give up!

TRACK 7: DOESN’T MATTER The second this started I knew this was going to be something special, which I’m glad to say I wasn’t wrong this has a somewhat predictible introduction but this one has one major thing that so far none other had, and that’s a great tone from the bass, now don’t take that as a dig at bass players, it’s more a case, you’ve so many pointing out, that’s a great lyric, that’s a great drum beat, great riff, great solo etcetera, but this one higlights the talent as a whole band that these truly have, it alsmost singles out each member, beacuse it does stand out so much, the bass has a very profound part in this track in particular as does the octave change mid way for one word, which I’ve always looked for in any band, this track truly has it all!


Ballad #2, Now I’m sure you all are tired of me pointing out the sheer power of the vocals and lyrics, but this one struck a chord for me, even keeping personal life out of it and keeping this strictly professional, I do love these guys ballads simply because they really aren’t like anything I’ve ever heard, sure we’ve many similar tones by other artists which I won’t deny but none of them simply grasp you quite the way STONE BROKEN do, and if you are one that single out lyrics over anything and are a bit of a romantic this is the one for you! Proving once again, STONE BROKEN hit hard, hit heavy, drop light, they are the band that has something for everyone!


Memory is something that sticks in your head, that’s exactly what this track will do, I can never find the words when listening to these guys, there’s so much diversity, that you can’t just find the words. The opening riff is once again true STONE BROKEN style, hard and heavy, the chorus key change is a pleasant and unexpected change, but the one thing that stood out to me so much was the pre-chorus which personally I can’t say I’ve heard STONE BROKEN use before or at east not as prfound, the bridge is another head thumping wait, for RICH to kick back in with that final chours and the band collide once more to a ‘to quote Jack Black’ face melting closure.


This is a true old school THEORY OF A DEADMAN, track, before getting into this I know a lot will also point out ‘hey this is a STONE BROKEN album, correct but for every band there are a lot of others to inspire them, which the band have in an earlier interview pointed out which are their respected inspirations, now taking once again nothing from STONE BROKEN this track is one of those that reminds you these bands do exist, back to the track, it’s more of a laid back tempo in it’s own way this is one of those take a step back, there is so much going on in this track that I’m unsure how they made it fit together so nicely, I would like to point out one line that stood out to me, which I don’t do generally but this one was a verse that had to be pointed ‘It’s hard enough to watch your dreams go by, to live a life with no regret ’cause it’s the only one your gonna get, live your life with no regret because the future hasn’t happened yet’ what a powerful mesage, this track to no surprise sits right up there in my recommended tracks.


Here it is, the end of the album, what a hell of a ride it’s been so far, now this is by far the one that stands out so much and it simply is the one that in my opinion is going to make these become as international as it gets, world wide acknowledgement, that’s right it’s that radio friendly track that you hate to love but can’t help but love, it’s such a summer anthem, and the best way you could close this flawless album, I genuinely can’t say a lot about this, but in true STONE BROKEN form, great lyrics, perfectly fitting music, I am a little lost for words to close this review but this truly has been one of my favourite bands to review to date


STONE BROKEN truly keep impressing me every single time I listen, so much to the fack if I were to pick a favourite track off this particular release, I couldn’t simply becuase there is something for every mood, and THAT is what makes this band a true force to be reckoned with, these guys are going far!

AIN’T ALWAYS EASY Available worldwide purchase your copy on:

Don’t forget STONE BROKEN are currently on their U.K Tour with JARED JAMES NICHOLS and THE BAD FLOWERS




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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