The Harmonic’s – Strut [EP] Review

We’re back in business on more levels than one, after a 3 month absence with technical difficulties I’m back reviewing and what a way to start back than wit a review of the returning The Harmonic’s from Nottingham UK!? I fell in love with these guys sound the second I heard their first Extended Play Sugar? Which was reviewed a few months back with a bonus single not released on either releases James Dean. Without any further delay lets get right down to it


With their unique one off sound this song really starts off with such a rhythm that you really just want to strut and move and not stop, it comes packed with really well written lyrics that compliment the music absolutely perfect, reminding me very much of a modern Sex Pistol’s meets The Rolling Stones , you could picture Mick Jagger strutting through the streets of  Nottingham, causing a massive traffic jam with some old skool Joan Jett style punk models, this is an amazing start to the EP


This is a very different approach for the five piece outfit but don’t let that line by any means sway you off it, because it’s a track that maybe a little out of their comfort zone but they make it work really well, with a more rockier sound than usual and a little slower it brings a sound styling of Rancid quite a bit who would be punk pioneers at this stage but modern. Vocals are very like Tim Armstrong which I genuinely love, after the second or third listen this one will stick with you.


Once again different in every good way possible, I found a very strange vibe from this one almost like something Shania Twain meets Blondie but from a male side which is actually reallly cool (extra l for emphasis) it’s more or less the ballad off this EP and it’s a such a cool contrast of styles there’s actually so much going on in this song but put together fantastically, huge respect for again pushing the boundaries on the last 2 songs I’ve listened to off this.


Does this title scream punk or what? From the get go of this track I knew I was going to love it! True punk aspect of this one from the laugh at the beginning to the lyrics, the music, the feel, this song is personally my favourite off this EP and what a killer way to close it, I actually don’t think I can find a single thing wrong with this track, I can’t praise it enough but this alone is enough to encourage me to buy this!



Seriously what can I say? This entire album pushes the boundaries and comfort zone of this band and for that alone I have a massive respect for, having that said it may take others a few listens to get into it, but because I have such a high appreciation for trying new things with music I personally love this album, It’s every bit as catchy and as good as SUGAR? Flawless as far as I am concerned. So I for one can’t wait to hear more from these!