Symptoms of Silence – Visions [EP] Review

[SYMPTOMS OF SILENCE, are a six piece metalcore band from Ireland who are also set to embark on a huge opportunity to support the mighty Australian Metalcore outfit known as THE AMITY AFFLICTION. Who actually are quite in certain aspects like THE AMITY AFFLICTION, these guys certainly are heavy as hell with the cross of clean vocals to, growls and screams, with insanely heavy riffs to compliment it, they range from so much I can’t specify influences so, down to the EP.


With a nicely fitting 20-30 second instrumental introduction from this it gives a nice chilling feel to the band before the first track his.


When I said this hits it hits fast and hard, the cross with the vocals, the breakdowns are just out of this world with these guys, there’s honestly very little I can say about this song,  the pinches give a very nice Gojira feel mixed with many other influences, the chilled break before the solo it’s a fantastic opening track to what I can only expect to be an amazing EP


Jumping right into insanely heavy vocals about waking from nightmares and pulling yourself together I can straight off the bat tell these aren’t just lyrics the fit these are stories, which is why I wish more would read the lyrics at the very least of metal artists, followed by clean vocals that honestly fit really well, very ISSUES influenced from what I can hear with this, which makes for an interesting review, it’s certainly worth a mention of the breakdowns and synths with this band too.


One of the first things that stood out to me was the break/bridge ‘This is the part where you die’ don’t let that fool you at all you can tell from the following line that death with this song is more about death of a part of your life and are searching for the answers to whats next, once again the breaks the synths, the riffs this song is a heavy duty song and oddly ironically has a small Bring Me The Horizon feel to it, back when they were good, before anyone gets annoyed with this haha… this one though is certainly one not to be taken lightly.


This has a very nice psychotic introduction to make you feel a little on edge and keeps though the song, this one is more a melodic death metal feel which just so happens to be my specialty so I first off have to say with the vocals sounding like Children of Bodom the synths like Dark Tranquility the breakdowns As I Lay Dying and several other aspects of other bands I have to say this one is the one for me off this album, it’s heavy, fast, aggressive it has all the right feels at the right parts!


These all sit one off another that you can barely tell where one starts and one finish as to why I believe the idea they were going with was almost math metalcore which is definitely an original brand by these guys, this one is also fast paced, heavy, synthy breakdown galore another one with something for everyone this, sadly brings us to the end of this EP, BUT I have a feeling this isn’t the last of these guys, as this EP really highlights surreal potential


These guys are a force to be heard! To the right ears these guys will be signed within the first beat that is heard! Definately give these a chance and if you like what you hear head over to iTunes and grab a copy of this today, or catch them on the road with The Amity Afffliction this Wednesday in Dublin.

Beware of You – Self Portraits – [EP] Review

A very special surprise we have not 1 but 2 EP’s of BEWARE OF YOU This is the first one released back in 2015 so with no introduction necessary lets get straight to it


Losing control of your mind but trying to keep control of your emotions is what this track is intended on telling us, this is a heavier one for these, with a higher SUM41 feel to the music but the lyrics stay pretty much the same message is simple that when someone causes you to lose control best to lose them than it.


This one has a very very well structured style with the music it’s really well put together now usually you’d say x song reminds me of this, but in this case lyrically I could say that this could have influenced My Nemesis by Five Finger Death Punch, it’s all about giving your all but getting nothing in return, being a huge fan of above mentioned band I think this one holds a special place for me.


This track is for me as well very relative in certain circumstances but lets keep it professional, your playing a game you’ll never win, chasing a heart that isn’t meant to be yours, but all good comes to those who wait, with the right intentions it’ll work, every second you spend waiting is a losing game but the rules will change if they are meant to.


The messages in this album is quite the same through all tracks so I’m thinking personally if you listen to it through you’ll hear a story that is being told, seeking love, not caring what others think, and another mention to the music in this too is just honestly fantastic these guys have talent that will be seen in the near future, I love the hidden suggestion in this one too.


When talking of pop punk whats the major writing influences? Heartbreak and recover, SPOILER ALERT! That’s exactly what this song is, it’s about pretty much overcoming and recovering, sounding like after a break up and torturing yourself you realize, I’ll get over you and I’ll be alright this song needs to be brought back in time and shown to all those that have thought that’s it, my heart is broken that there is hope and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find your answers hidden in song and this is that song!


For those interested these guys can be seen opening for The Amity Affliction in Dublin this Wednesday keep and eye out for them at the merch booth.

Beware of You – Bears! [EP] Review

BEWARE OF YOU are a 4 piece pop punk outfit from Dublin Ireland who are set to embark on a massive break hitting Dublin this Wednesday, opening for Australian Metalcore titans THE AMITY AFFLICTION, Starting just over a year ago these have really been knocking down the boundaries of the usual irish music scene, with such varied music influences such as You Me At Six, Paramore, Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember they really bring a very different and exciting element to just about any stage they hit, aside from wishing them the very best this coming Wednesday I have another track by track review of their EP BEARS! So without wasting any more time lets get down to it!


Straight away you can hear some of the influences you’ll notice with the vocals as said in the introduction these are insanely catchy! Vocal styling are very Paramore but with her own twist which is exactly what people want, similar to their music preferences but with a unique turn, music is very old skool punk which you are probably thinking Joan Jett meets Paramore how will that work? I say it works very well, along with the music that is on a heavier aspect of the style going by the aforementioned influences this song is nothing short of an explosive introduction to the EP.


Going by this track it’s hard to call these guys pop punk as the music is heavy as hell for the style with sweet breakdowns that just give the perfect time to bang your head and then bop around! This song though is definitely something I can see making these guys HUGE!!! This is for the me track that’s gonna get these noticed, it has everything! Sweet riffs, perfect set lyrics, and one last time the breakdowns are whoa!! It even has a little Sick Puppies feel with the bass solo in the middle. Definitely gonna make these heard, don’t be surprised if you see this on TV soon!


This one is pretty much the ballad of the album, but from the very beginning sends a VERY powerful message, Moving on, letting go, to not be afraid, there’s always someone that will show you the light when in the darkness you’ll find a way, nothing lasts forever but you’ll always find a way.


This song screams Fall Out Boy for me personally, in once again true pop punk style this song is insanely catchy and sets off another great message, that we all come with our proverbial baggage, but after constant negativity on someone’s ‘baggage’ there’s only so much you can take,’New Parts, New Starts and New Hearts’ is literally what this song says! That they are all you need, to carry on.


This song straight from the get go is every 90’s 00’s teenage perfect style song, Pretty much about taking on anything that comes their way, they are not invincible but they are not afraid, this is a very well put together song, and the music is really 90’s pop punk with in my personal opinion a very Alkaline Trio-esque Stupid Kid feel that for long time pop punk fans like myself is just so refreshing to hear one more time, this song comes off just fantastically.


This is a negative intending song but with all the positive outlooks which straight up takes talent to manage that to begin with, it’s extremely hard to write a song with a positive/negative feeling and have it make sense, coming from a fellow writer I know this, lyrically again sends a great message, and the breakdowns return again all the right parts in all the right places!


This one is a fantastic one to close this EP with with a very blunt message, I’ve taken all I can and I’m done, the music is very Misery Business with the lyrics hitting closer to Fences, this is heavily influenced on Paramore from what I hear, even the bridge up to the solo is all influenced but once again original, Anyone who were in the era of Paramore’s success is going to LOVE this track and I am certainly one of those.


This EP is nothing short of honestly a teen dream or in my case one that can look back those many years ago when I first discovered all these styles of bands with such a range these will always keep you entertained, and I personally can’t wait to hear from these in the near future!

For those interested these guys can be seen opening for The Amity Affliction in Dublin this Wednesday keep and eye out for them at the merch booth.