Stone Broken Interview

So after a long absence from reviewing I’ve returned with something very special! To mark my fifth successful review I return to the first band that I interviewed a few months back STONE BROKEN!! With an in dept interview to what made them who they are how they got where they are and more.

Darren: Who we’re your main influences as far as bands go?

STONE BROKEN: All four members have various influences. But as a whole I suppose the band draw influences from the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, Theory of a Deadman and Stone Sour to name a few.

Darren: Whats next for Stone Broken?

STONE BROKEN: Well since releasing our album, All In Time, we want to just get out there and play as many shows and get in front of as many new faces as we can. We have quite a lot of dates lined up already which we’re really excited about, especially venturing outside of England to do gigs and festivals in Scotland and Wales.

Darren: Any plans on touring outside of the UK?

STONE BROKEN: No immediate plans as of yet, but its something we definitely want to do. Maybe start with Europe first, then head further afield after that. We’ve actually had alot of support coming from over the pond in America, so we’d love to venture over there to play some shows.

Darren: You mentioned you are a fragment of 2 other bands, but were you friends prior to this or did it just blossom so to speak?

STONE BROKEN: Well Rich and Robyn knew each other prior to the band starting then connected with Kieron when they wanted to start up the band. I was friends with Kieron before Stone Broken as we were in a previous band but I only met Rich and Robyn when I joined. So I guess its something that has blossomed; probably down to the fact that we’re pretty much on the same page and share the same humour so it feels like we’ve known each other all our lives.

Darren Noted from a lot of the song lyrics the album seems about getting on with life leaving the bad behind, was this the influence of it?

STONE BROKEN: Yes, I’d say so. We tend to write about overcoming to bad things that life throws at you from time to time; we want our songs to be uplifting for us and the audience. Some of our songs certainly have a dark subject matter that underpins them but its sometimes hard to tell due to the song structure focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

Darren: Which song means the most to you and why?

: This may sound like a cop out but I feel a connection with all the songs that we write because its something you’ve help construct. I think its like asking a parent to pick their favourite son or daughter. But Wait For You is certainly one of our most emotional songs, and I love playing STAY ALL NIGHT.

Darren: When starting STONE BROKEN did you think you would amount to this success?

STONE BROKEN: No, I mean we had dreams and always talked about ‘wouldn’t it be awesome if this happened’ but we never in a million years thought we would achieve so much in such a small amount of time. We we’re just four musicians that wanted to be in a band and write some songs. It feels we’re holding on for dear life on a roller coaster not knowing when the next twist or turn is coming, but we’re certainly enjoying the ride so far.

Darren: In a few short words what was the writing motive for each song?
STONE BROKEN: All our songs are based off our life experiences really, I suppose each song represents a feeling or emotion we were going through when we wrote it.

Darren: You classify yourselves as Hard Rock but with so many sub genre’s out there you fall more into the line of Post-Grunge, thoughts?

STONE BROKEN: We don’t think too much about it really we just write what we write. I suppose we are influenced by a lot of Post-Grunge bands so that may shine through in a certain aspect. But when we started we just said we just wanted to be a rock band.

Darren: Who would be your ideal band to open for or co-headline with?

STONE BROKEN: Ah tough one. I’d say perhaps Black Stone Cherry or Alter Bridge because their shows are always something special.

STONE BROKEN Have their explosive album ALL IN TIME available on Spotify, iTunes and all major download stores or a physical copy can be purchased with various merchandise from

Personal thanks to STONE BROKEN for their time