The Harmonic’s – Sugar [EP] Review

THE HARMONICS are a 4 piece outfit from Nottingham, UK. While they classify themselves as Rock N’ Roll it’s hard to sit just as Rock N’ Roll while they have so many elements of mixed genre’s from Swing music like Frank Sinatra to Punk artists like The Jam and Joan Jett with a taste of Chuck Berry and almost everything in between with a hint of funk!



Swinging right into action (pun very intended) really brings us right back to the 60’s in a typical swinging 60’s lyrical and musically themed song, as it would be considered an introduction to the album we can forgive the short length of the song and to be honest its the only thing I have negative to say about it, very well structured song, even the solo is dynamically 60’s based, a great started for any band.


Absolutely loved this song, has to be the one that stands out on this EP, a very Madness meets Pistols feel to it which is epic to see anyone resurrect these kind of artists as inspiration, I could picture a video recorded in the busy streets of the UK where the band strolls by boldy walking in front of a big red bus (very cliche) but that’s what fits this, another fantastically written song.

 TRACK 3: IN 1993

Keeping with the same theme of the previous songs this one is another one that is very old school with a taste of George Thorogood in the vocal department, this is where I’d like to point out the very talented work of the brass instruments which is a bold approach to modern day music but again these guys make it work, The only thing against this song is it in my personal opinion is missing something but I can’t put my fingers on it, something as simple as missing a note or 2 in the chorus, but all in all another great piece.


It’s my job to point out the wrongs and rights in the albums I review and I try to keep it as critical but fair as possible but this track has nothing I can find wrong with it! The introductive guitar is beautiful the brass again accompanying it in the verse, the rhythm, everything this song you guys really hit it here! The chorus is one of the most captivating things I’ve written about yet. the second it hits you are caught there is no escaping it and there is no denying this is the song that will make these guys known!


This one stands out a lot personally, I wasn’t sure what I thought of this at first but it really sticks in your head, it’s something that I imagine Bowling For Soup may write, it sounds parodic but at the same time once again insanely addictive once you hear it 2-3 times, very hard to criticize this song at all, unless you consider being compared to party punk icons to be insulting.


Minus the 1-2 odd little things that come with any band these guys cannot be denied their talent, the old new approach is something that stands out and in my professional opinion needs to be heard, these guys have the talent to with the right motivation hit the charts or just about anything they want to, they have a very different style which is exactly what music needs! Keep it up guys and I for one will be looking forward to future releases

Once Human – The Life I Remember Album Review

ONCE HUMAN is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2014 by former Soulfly and Machine Head guitarist  Logan Madar. On September 4 2014 the band released their debut album THE LIFE I REMEMBER through EarMUSIC Records Since touring with Fear Factory November – December on the European leg of the tour ONCE HUMAN have started working on their second album which will be released early this year!

Onto a bit of personal reflection on the band before reviewing the album I have said this a thousand times that it is fantastic to see the female gender taking into the metal scene, beside the obvious sex appeal for most,it’s personally just fantastic to see more ladies getting involved and further more fronting Rock and Metal bands from Lzzy Hale of Halestorm to Angela Gossow ex Arch Enemy and any in between, Guys do not let Lauren Hart‘s looks fool you, she is in addition to being a beautiful lady she could very easily be the future of Melodic Death Metal in general carrying the weight of it, this band actually have all it takes to do so, before questioning yes! Her vocals are that powerful! Of course not taking anything away from the other members of this band as they are a unit and put together effortlessly! Because without Logan, Skyler, Damian and Dillon to back her up we wouldn’t have ONCE HUMAN.

Onto the album track by track review!


This is a hauntingly majestic introduction giving the illusion of a darkened forest feeling and there’s not a whole lot more I can actually say about it. At a mere 1 minute something its spine chillingly beautiful leading right into the next track


This track literally explodes fresh off the introduction mentioned above and wastes no time in doing so, it’s a beautifully composed melodic death meal feel with plenty of heavy pinches for those who are into the traditional melodic death feel this will certainly not disappoint, this also instantly shows the power of the 5’6 Lauren Hart which shows certainly don’t judge a book by it’s cover, complimented by a symphonic feel that gives this a more Gothic Black Metal feel early on!


This is funnily possibly my favorite track off the album, with intro lyrics like ‘I’ll Make You Wish You’d Never Been Born’ and ‘Condemed to Die, YOU C**T‘ ‘I Am Your Poison Don’t F**K With Me’  to say the least this is a monster of a track the drums are a whole new level, the solo’s the heavy hitting riffs this song is the perfect song when you wake up in a rightly p***ed off mood and just wanna smash, kill and hurt, I loved this song so much so that I gave this several listens to after writing this review because it is that well put together.


At this point you’d think they may start running out of steam and maybe throw a ballad or 2 in the mix right? Wrong!! The insanely aggressive riff work here is a more groove metal feel which I think is a fantastic twist it’s a nice combination of LAMB OF GOD and PANTERA if they had a baby with ARCH ENEMY and CHILDREN OF BODOM, it’s a compilation of all the above with a modern twist and unique and original groove at the same time, this one is kind of hard to describe so let your ears decide!


Here it finally is, the long awaited ballad!! For about 20 seconds, This one had a very very original feel to it more than the rest with such a fresh feel it with a cross of the earlier MACHINE HEAD meets GRIMES which I know doesn’t seem like it should make any sense but it sits perfectly


This one has a beautiful Melodic Thrash feel to it, angry, fast paced, dark lyrics this one sits right up there with the aforementioned YOU C**T this is possibly the wild card off the album and the track that will set ONCE HUMAN even farther apart from other bands in the genre(s)!


Here it actually is honestly the closest thing to a ballad you will find on this album and it is well worth the wait I won’t go into too much detail with this one as it will honestly spoil it for you all! Some fantastic surprises in this one that will leave you wanting more, no questions asked!


Did somebody say Black Metal?!?! This is an earth shatteringly heavy as hell track, that is actually that heavy it almost makes the rest of the album sound like pop! key notes in this one was the drums more than anything I personally have no clue just how Ralph Alexander actually kept that going for as long as he did!


A clear lyrical introduction pin pointing that these are not a one note band the clean vocals in this one are as spine shivering as the introduction was in TRAIL OF TEARS, the lyrics even are beautiful and you can tell by the build up that the following track is going to blow this right out the window!


Cuts in from the previous introduction and this does take a very different approach as you can’t really predict just what direction this is going to go, as it goes from Lauren’s sensational vocal ability from her grows and screams straight to clear vocals in the chorus from a slower pace but a much more compassionate lyrical feel, and a fantastic solo to close this off it has the symphonic cross of DRAGONFORCE and WITHIN TEMPTATION but definitely with a twist that only ONCE HUMAN can produce.


This is almost like the song that ties the last 2 together making what I can only assume a 7-8 minute track in 3 parts and to be completely honest I don’t think it would have worked as well and grasped my attention if it was as such! A great idea to break it down, as it may not have worked as tidily as one whole song!


We’ve reached the end of another review with this one and I for one hated to see the end of this! I’ve loved every second of this album. This closes the album with a cross again of literally all the above mentioned genre’s rolled into one here showing more than the others the exact influences that the band have, which I love because it’s like a thank you to all those that inspired ONCE HUMAN


If the facts that this band consists of ex MACHINE HEAD and SOULFLY members isn’t enough for you, just do yourself a favor and don’t overlook these as they are definitely a force that are not stopping anytime soon, I can’t actually give these enough credit and can’t believe they are still as under the radar as they are! But keep your eyes peeled as at this pace they will not be under for long!