Manus Mortis EP Review

MANUS MORTIS are a 5 piece Thrash Deathcore band from Springfield, MO, First off there is very little background I can offer you guys on this band but upon first listening impressions if you are a fan of Brain Drill, Oceano or Asesino, with slight vocal hints of DevilDriver these guys are certainly a must listen to band, or if you just want something heavier than the average band look no further! These guys don’t mess about by any means, with Breakdowns that will leave your neck sore but your ears wanting more right down to a stripped down old skool Grindcore sound that is immense, followed by a Gothic Black Speed Metal Chorus style. Without wasting any more time down to the 6 Track review!


As the title probably suggests right off the bat this is one heavy hitter song! I’m still absorbing just how heavy these guys are and trust me when I say they are heavy they are heavy! The introduction line before the music actually kicks in is fantastic first off, pretty much to invite you to join the journey, the music kicks in old fashioned Grindcore style it’s fast pace and sheer aggression it’s honestly a bit overwhelming in a good way, as I said takes me well back, from deep droPped vocals in the verse to higher pitched keys in the chorus and the crunchiest breakdown I’ve heard in a while this makes a fantastic opening track for the EP


The band really kick it into a higher gear right here with the same raw Grindcore sound but a lot of elements of Speed/Thrash mixed with a very tasty side of Gothic Black Metal BUT don’t let the mix of acclaimed ‘dark satanic music’ twist you from checking this because with such a unique cross of styles in this one, this if you do have an ear for this style of music it gets rather personal, which you’ll notice more as the song comes to a close, this is fast, heavy Grindcore style at the peak of its prime right here! Personally my favorite off this EP, this one has a LOT of breakdowns!!!.


This one is why I say this band reminds me a lot of Brain Drill and Asesino in particular with even a potential taste of Viking Crown this album does not stop bringing the heavy and although this specific genre of metal is a very acquired taste this song is extremely well put together, with a very abrupt ending which actually sits really nicely into track 4


Piano…YES you read that right definitely for me this is a first for the genre, a beautifully written into on keyboards that you may not think would suit the genre but it sits absolutely beautifully in place for this song, this for me stands out the most definitely, the music has a more Iron Maiden vibe over the guitar with a blinding breakdown in the middle returning right back on que to the intense riffage that is OBLIVIOUS


This just keeps getting heavier and heavier with astonishing growls and screams that will make any fan of the genre keep begging for more and more, but once again I cannot stress enough for this EP in particular has a very emotional/revengeful feel depending on what way you look at it. Once again all the right breaks in all the right places!


This track’s intro is very similar to the end of the previous I’m not sure was that intended but it works very well together, Once again it has a very heavy meaty feel with, yes you guessed it, surreal breakdowns, once again this one lyrically actually really speaks a lot personally to me, there is however a slightly less serious ‘WooHoo’ just before the mid way breakdown which will make you take a little step back and wonder, but its a nice touch to show that Grindcore isn’t all serious and angry there are cool little elements of surprise in this one.


So we’ve once again reached the end of another review and it’s with great pleasure to say upon listening to this 7 track EP, this band has not let up once, and this in my opinion will be this bands Walk! obviously about 200 BPM faster but this as a fantastic closer for a very very impressive EP, the breakdown is a lot less of what you’ve heard on the previous 6 but once again, keeping it original, this is definitely MANUS MANTIS We don’t give a fuck anthem, Literally! The final 30-40 seconds of this track showcases some of the heaviest stuff off this EP!


While MANUS MORTIS’ genre may not be for everyone you can not take away the fact that these guys are original, are heavy and are genuinely a band I for one want to hear more of, Grindcore, Deathcore, Goregrind are all genre’s that are in my opinion very overlooked in the metal scene because people think its noise, I for one strongly disagree, In my personal opinion to understand metal in general you need to be intelligent and if this genre is your cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer I highly recommend to check these guys out, the EP is free to listen to on YouTube and Spotify NOW!

Thirty 30 – House of Plagues Album Review

THIRTY 30 are a six piece Metal act from Southern California.
HOUSE OF PLAGUES” is THIRTY 30‘s first full length release I don’t have much personal information on this band so lets get straight to the album review!

THIRTY 30 were generous enough to give me a code to review this album and the things wrong with this band are few and far between, upon first listening to this band, I’ll be honest I was skeptical of the concept, but after 2-3 thorough listens I have to admit this band really grows on you big time, the idea of them essentially is a Modern Symphonic Thrash Metal feel which is so unique and refreshing they actually are a delight to listen to once you get the feel for them! That’s the most critical I can be about this album. Now Down to the track by track review of HOUSE OF PLAGUES



Following a very eery piano intro this song wastes no time in getting down to business, Heavy, Angry, Fast paced beautifully placed pinches in all the right places straight away makes you just want to start opening the pits, but wait..Whats that? A very surprising element to this genre comes the female vocals of Stacey Barnett which may set you back and think this can’t work, WRONG, this works so fantastically that it completely changes the structure of the song in one swift key and oddly directs straight to emotion.


Pretty much takes off from where the first track starts, keeps a similar feel and pace this is where I’ll take the time to single out the main fronted vocals they are showcased incredibly well here to the best ability of a Melodic feel that can’t be described, here alone is why I really recommend buying this album!


This track is easily one of my favorites off that album, if you can take a minute and picture a Symphonic Melodic Thrash Death Ballad! A mouthful just to say let alone picture but the sheer emotion in the lyrics alone kept me interested straight through, but the whole song is really well constructed from a really nice relaxed solo right down to the drums, everything about this song I just love!


This one reminds me of early TRIVIUM meets modern CHILDREN OF BODOM, all you want to do once again is cause sheer mayhem and then just as its to the climax so to speak the female vocals kick in with the emotional chorus that, I can’t fault, this may sound negative by saying just at the peak it stops, it doesn’t! This song reminds me so much of what metal used to be the aggression to cause hell and the chorus reminds us that we are all one family at the end of it all!


This is another track for me that stands out a lot, with a feel of early NIGHTWISH from the guitars and introductive female vocals. This song honestly speaks a monumental amount of words reminding us none of us are saints but we all try our best to be the best we can be, the breakdown in this track specifically is so unique that once again they THIRTY 30 created something that can’t be explained.


This is the only track that I have anything critical to say about this album, not that by any means is it a bad track, but its the only one that I couldn’t warm to as much, lyrically, musically it’s fantastic, it actually tells a story to me more than the rest but it feels its just missing something, but the further into the song it redeems itself, just doesn’t start off for me as powerful and adaptable as the rest, but after the first chorus it is just like the rest of the album, just feels maybe when recorded that they weren’t fully warmed up when recording, but bare in mind it does really pick up!


This is a beautiful instrumental that really shows the ability of the musicians here I single out the bass player here, which I or any reviewer will tell you is a rare thing to do but the bass stands out to me in this one!


Pretty sure this follows the instrumental previous to this which if it doesn’t it’s very fitting to follow once again the pure emotion in the lyrics here just sends shivers down my spine each time I’ve listened to it, this song brings back a lot of memories upon listening as it’s so relatable, that even if you don’t listen to this particular style of music google the lyrics or get a copy somewhere, cause if you’re struggling with getting over someone this song describes that feeling (to me) perfectly


The riffage just keeps on coming! This is one of the best introducing riffs I’ve heard in 25 years of listening to music, a very basic hammer on – pull off technique that just captivates you from the get go, even during the solo you can hear the riff conjoining it’s so simple but so effective, to the point I had to listen to this one a few times to focus on the song as whole it was THAT catchy! Once again the lyrics hit like a tonne of bricks too another very well compiled song!


From the title I could tell I’d have a special bond so to speak with this song, and with lyrics like I’m a danger to myself, ‘Darkness that lies inside has come to life’ ‘Fall into the sea but you will not conquer me’, I am trying so so hard to find something about this album to maybe stop the praise so much but it’s so hard to! The bridge to the solo to this one is beautiful, the solo is very well placed, the breakdown, the vocals are nuts! You can tell that they took their time writing this and that shows when you don’t rush your music you can truly write a masterpiece!


I finally found something about this album I don’t like! The fact its the last track! But my goodness I can tell you now the lyrics are by far the most moving on this album It’s just total poetry, if you are to get one song from this album make it this one, it’s the perfect ending to a fairly perfect album!


This album once again is very hard to knock at all! The only thing that may put very few people off are the female vocals but for me personally being a big fan of HALESTORM, NIGHTWISH, ARCH ENEMY, OTEP and many others it was a delight and a very welcoming change to the metal scene! Keep up the amazing writing and work.

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Stone Broken – All In Time Album Review


UK’s Very own and VERY Talented STONE BROKEN!!

STONE BROKEN are a 4-piece HARD ROCK, POST-GRUNGE band from Walsall, UK
Formed in late 2013 from the fragments of 2 local bands, and are here with the explosive debut album: ALL IN TIME, available from the bands page, Spotify and YouTube.

After being introduced to these just over a week ago, I contacted the band immediately to organize a review and online interview via email.

With a very unique sound that has similar sounding elements to BLACK STONE CHERRY, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, early NICKELBACK, ART OF DYING and LIFEHOUSE with a very modern twist, making STONE BROKEN a treat for any HARD ROCK or POST-GRUNGE fans out there. From the opening track NOT YOUR ENEMY it unleashes a modern style ROCK sound that you just instantly get in the groove with. We will be getting to a track by track review in just a second. Upon releasing the album they have begun a UK tour opening for acts such as THE TREATMENT and NASHVILLE PUSSY, not to mention, opening the HARD ROCK HELL HAMMERFEST in just a short time.
STONE BROKEN played a sold out album launch show at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, in December. They now have plans for a UK-wide tour throughout March/April/May/June with dates already booked in for Manchester, Birmingham, Evesham, Wakefield, Wolverhampton, London – all of which will be announced real soon.



The opening track from the album wastes no time in getting right into the groove that I spoke of above, lyrically this song is as solid as you’d think it gets but you’ll find upon purchasing this album it gets better and better as it goes on, from the lyrics what I get from this song is it’s potentially about someone that your only trying to help but they don’t want the help or alternatively a dysfunctional relationship that’s going nowhere but they don’t want to break up cause they are happy where they are, ‘I’m trying not to fight cause I’m not your enemy, I won’t make a sound’. Explaining NOT YOUR ENEMY

Following the opening track is

BETTER: Keeping the up tempo and fast paced rhythm almost following the story of the previous song, explaining to ‘stop wishing your life away, stop thinking of yesterday, that you can do better ‘if you don’t get up and start living your life it’ll pass you by, so forget the past and move on. Once again lyrically this song is polished off perfectly.

BE THERE: Lyrically this whole album is about letting go, moving on and getting to know yourself. Onto the third track and it takes a slower pace but still has a pretty upbeat Chorus the track Be There suggesting regardless if not there in person that they’ll always be there in spirit, this is where I want to take some time and talk about the music of this track it’s the first ballad of the album and the solo suggests just that if you hadn’t picked up on it, combined as a perfect ballad.

LET ME GO: Brings us right back into the same fast paced feel that just makes you wanna jump about, this one in particular musically stood out to me as the guitaring is a nice down tuned sound with a perfectly placed pinch in the opening riff and bridge, also the drumming in this particular song is hit right on the head, the solo is set fantastically inline with the rhythm and brings us right back to the chorus, once again lyrically which I can’t stress enough is on the nose!

WAIT FOR YOU: Is the second ballad and for me as a personal view on this song it really hit hard for me, vocals and lyrics are a prior point to me as a musician and this song in the right mind-frame is beautiful, also the not as technical as usual guitaring is a pleasant change to break the album halfway through it’s all about following your heart and settling for nothing but what it wants you’ll wait as long as it takes, the drumming here also is fantastically placed with the song and ballads are one thing that is hard to fit drums into nicely without it sounding sloppy but, effortlessly is done here.

SAVE TOMORROW: Is a surprisingly heavy sounding power ballad is the best way to describe, the verse is nice and slow but the chorus nails it it’s heavy, it’s a nice paced song, this is probably what you’d call the ‘driving song’ off the album, during the second and the last chorus is where it shines for me as you find harmonics that just can’t be found anywhere else on this album with lyrics also like Lead Blind, I will follow, leave behind, save tomorrow it’s another one of those mistakes are to be left kind of songs.

THIS LIFE: Keeping the beat fast this is another song that honestly anyone with any sort of troubles should really listen to with the closing line ‘I’m not gonna waste this life’ its a great wake-up call to those that think, they can’t better their life!.

ANOTHER DAY: One of my if not my personal favorite on the album spoke to me more than any other off this another Ballad but acoustic with a distorted chorus which is fantastic, this for me is about finding that perfect one but not being able to tell them just how you feel or being too late this is the track I can hear on every other radio station out there, then goes onto suggesting it works out but after the break up they still haven’t come to terms with the loss, alternatively this could be coping with a loss, either way this song spells success alone!

FALL BACK DOWN: High octane head banging, fist pumping, heart pounding track which for me is another really relative song, sounding like finally getting over that one that I do believe was this albums story ‘Your telling me its over, but your getting sober, you think its funny when you hit the ground’ ‘Telling me its over, crying on my shoulder’ but never wanna FALL BACK DOWN, seems to be a perfect getting over someone song, in the perfectly proportioned fashion, lyrically this may suggest some Adam Gontier influence

here personally in my opinion.

STAY ALL NIGHT: You may think this is some sleazy Motley Crue type song but no you couldn’t be farther from right, for those familiar with SAVING ABEL, You’ll find this is similar to their first single NEW TATTOO and is a great way to wrap up this album, this also you’ll find musically is very different to the previous 9 as the time signatures are very different to the others tracks all in all I think this band has the potential of massive stardom and if you don’t have this album and are a fan of HARD ROCK or POST-GRUNGE this is a must have for any fan of either, it truly has something for everyone.



I’d like to take a minute to mention these individually as I know most of the review is based on the vocal and guitar work of the band:

RICH: As stated time and time and time again in this review has a very unique sound varying from early NICKELBACK to THEORY OF A DEADMAN!

CHRIS: Guitar skills are just indescribable particularly on SAVE TOMORROW, FALL BACK DOWN and LET ME GO stated in the review, his harmonics and pinches are on point!

KIERON: Bass is a member that really doesn’t get enough credit in a band because realistically they carry the sound from the get go, so huge props for the set tone on this album!

ROBYN: A little piece of information I didn’t put in upon the review because I believe as musicians are all equal but ROBYN is in fact a female drummer which its fantastic to see female talent in the rock scene and she can certainly play with style!