The Edge of Reason – River (Single)

THE EDGE OF REASON have personally asked me to do these two single reviews, quite some time ago but due to several different complications I couldn’t get around to them, so before I get into this I’d like to thank the band personally, first for requesting the review it means a lot tat such a small time review blog site gets so much request, I can’t express enough gratitude, to all the bands I’ve so far reviewed and interviewed I appreciate it so much, now with all that mushy stuff out of the way lets get right into it



From the very beginning of this song I knew straight away this was going to be something extremely special, with the title it could go either way depending on your interpretation and view, for me with such a vast knowledge of music I from the beginning as I stated this would be different, I understand that was quite repetitive anyway enough rambling.

A very Symphonic introduction with a hint of Maiden and early Nightwish is what I get from the start of this, now this has actually left me somewhat at a loss for words, I’m not sure just how to describe this track, its heavy, fast, but with the clear vocals pretty much throughout that’s what makes this stand out the most, the one thing I noticed was no breakdown, minus the bridge meeting the solo that is your breakdown, now while this band is known widely for their unmistakable breakdowns, the direction of this song although may be a little different again, is exactly what the music world is looking for, some people are a fan of the whole if it’s not broke, but I admire the fact this band is pushing unnecessary boundaries and have no doubt they’ll be gaining fans from every side of the spectrum if they continue this direction, while this is still TEOR I can’t see anything this band won’t accomplish if they keep pushing these pillars!



All I can say here is guys keep up this incredible work! I’ve not seen such drastic change between two singles let alone a previous album, while making it work, I urge all the metal community give this band a listen, they may not be to everyone’s taste but I assure you, you all have at least one friend that will love this up and coming band, I only hope I’m there front and center to witness their rise to the top!

The Edge of Reason – Prison of Terror (Single)

I can’t speak for everyone on this but I for one am glad to say that Regensburgs own Metalcore pioneers THE EDGE OF REASON are back with not one but two singles, since these don’t need no introduction, lets get right into it with the first single PRISON OF TERROR

The first unmistakable feature in this song is the while generic intro, it has a certain ambiance to it, almost like the apocalypse is here, heed this warning just before an almost heart stopping start, the first thing I notice personally on this is a very Trivium-esque feel, middle ground, Shogun era springs to mind. In true TEOR sound fast paced guitar, flawless double bass, right into the bridge accompanied by a very unique brand of clean and distorted vocals, bringing us right the way to the breakdown, which shows such influences from All That Remains to Bring Me The Horizon, followed by the very nicely placed screams of panic, this song is more a case you can feel like you are in this, clinging onto the edge of your seat every step of the way.


Although this is not your typical TEOR track the slight change in course direction is a very interesting turn, keeping everything fresh and keeping us guessing whats coming next, I for one am very interested in seeing just what the future holds for this band!


SHOT DOWN SOUTH are a four piece Melodic Death Metalcore (that’s right A Melodic Death Metalcore) band from Carton Georgia now I understand classifying these guys as such will brew quite the storm but ironically that’s exactly what these four guys are doing with this EP, So with very little information on this band and only finding them via a follow on Instagram I jumped at the chance to review this EP before these guys become too big to get a hold of from the smaller review circle

Let me paint you a picture real quickly before getting direct into the album, you’ve had a long hard day at work, you’ve returned home to a copy of this EP with a note that specifies this will relax you after a hard day at work, so you put the disc into the player and press play, pour your beverage of choice sit back and relax, You hear a quite eary introduction followed by piano calming down….before that storm


As stated before a beautifully presented intro followed by simply put blistering double bass accompanied by a very classically modern toned guitar, as if ARCH ENEMY and IRON MAIDEN just made a baby. The storm has come, thundering vocals as dark and heavy as they get, etching the death metal side, followed with the melodic screams turned right into clean vocals, now at this stage as a writer I’m a little lost for words as to how to describe just what I hear, with so much going on generally I’d instantly go, no too much combined and it won’t work, but in this case these guys have nailed it from the aforementioned intro to the mini breakdown accompanying the verse, the symphonic melody to a simplistic but flawlessly fitting solo this song is one of the best intro tracks to an album I’ve heard in 20 odd years.



The title alone made me fall in love with this song, the more I listen the more artists I hear influences from, some which will be very welcomed others, not so much but I personally love them all. This one in particlar I hear so much ANDY BIERSACK from BLACK VEIL BRIDES now I am very aware of the hate they receive but never understood it, anyway sticking with the pianist intro which is so refreshing with Metal music these days this track shows in comparison to the first one, just how much this band has to offer, from parental terrifying vocals, to very nice rhythmic riffs, a chunky bridge, to a heart stopping brekdown which is ironically accompanied by ‘Goodbye, this is the end’ I think all in all this would be the more radio friendly track off of the EP.



This was such an amazing surprise for me personally, the almost angelic toned intro, I’ve heard that voice before, after 7 replays and countless subtractions of female vocals, it hit me…CONQUER DIVIDE’S own Kiareley Castillo made an appearance on this track which made it incredibly interesting with a symphonic backbeat the whole way combined once again beautifully with every that you now know makes SHOT DOWN SOUTH who they are this makes for something very standout ish..nothing more to be said here…so you think it’s all over….NOPE!! Blindesided is the best way to put it with a very RONNIE RADKE style rap in the middle this band is just full of surprises!




Now THIS is Metalcore from the getgo! From the KILLSWITCH/ALL THAT REMAINS intro all the way to THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA drums this is a Metalcore fans cherry to top off anything, but the one thing that stood the most to me here are the vocals, for those who struggle on vocals in the heavier genre of music I urge you all, google these and just read, this is a piece of true art in its own! Lyrically amazing, Musically engaging, the ringing pinch harmonic 2-3 times this is what Metalcore is! This is why these guys are going far!!




I’m running out of things to say good about these guys but I can’t say anything bad! The introduction to this song has CHILDREN OF BODOM written all over it! From the introduction to the signature ALEXI Yeow! I do get a very TYPE O NEGATIVE/PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH vibe from this track but it’s much more Deathcore to the bone than the above said, this is one that again hits all the right notes in the right places. A very dark vibe that is matched with a PARKWAY DRIVE vocal to close!




We’ve reached the end and I for one am disheartened by this, will these guys go out with a bang or will they be buried in smoke? First thought of this song is it’s missing a few little things, personally I’d have opened with this track as the intro is total album opening material, however that aside this song smashes the barricades of what I’ve said about this band thus far, in the best way possible, this song is so diverse once again I highlight the lyrics this does really have a message to those who struggle and are down, I had noticed it was missing a breakdown…I joke, this has by far the chunkiest breakdown this EP offers , you need to get in the pit for this one, its the only way you will appreciate this one fully!, With the cross of incredible lyrics, vocalised perfectly with very unique guitar work standing out so much from the average music, these guys areas good as you’ll hear right now!




Baring in mind I’ve very little data so to speak, on these guys I was slightly overwhelmed  with this review and in the hopefully very near future I can hear more from these guys and maybe get a little back information to clean up this review a little, all in all keep an eye out for these guys cause they’ll be on the main stage before they realize!

Fortnite – Ruining Lives or Making Them A Bit Better?

So I know this is generally a music review blog but this has been really taking the world by storm lately and I’m here to ask, is it really a great creation or a heavy burden that’s isolating children and ruining their minds?

First of all I personally think this could be a great creation but with the way it’s taking over almost everything kids do these days as of late it seems to be doing more harm than help. At first I assumed like kids with every latest craze from Minecraft to dabs, swags and meme’s this is really taking its toll on the minds of todays generation. It’s very rare and I’ll say anything bad about videogames, but here we are!

The first I noticed of this was simply when my little brother started to play this game with his friends in parties on the PS4 but if not properly supervised what is happening behind closed doors?

Upon doing a little research and monitoring my brothers behavior, reactions and language it became very clear very soon, this game is being taken way too seriously by those involved in playing it, from foul language to cyber bullying this game is warping the minds of the current generation not to mention going from consoles to phones and tablets this game will very soon be the only thing children are going to do.

From young children who had early ambitions to go into video game development and other things, to musicians this all changed, upon asking a child what was their ambition in life? Before Fortnite came along, it was web designing and videogame development. Now it’s becomre, Streaming Fortnite online and hoping to make money off of it, this is no way for a young mind to work!

In addition to this, their social life has now become strictly to a screen, outdoors no longer exist, kicking ball, playing music, listening to music, drawing, colouring, reading, even watching tv has now become YouTubing Fortnite to substitute them not playing it.

You’d assume with the age being as low as 7+ that this game would be no harm to your kids and their friends alike, but going from a set time of for example 2 hours a day with a break in between, it’s become very apparent very quickly just how aggressive children become when that time is up. The foul language also from child to child is language I wouldn’t even begin to repeat myself.

This ‘free’ game is doing great harm to your kids and not only that, the game is not free, they lure you in with the Battle Royale telling you this is a free game, but once your child or children get so engrossed you’ll find yourself paying a hefty €40 for the in game ‘Save the World’ additional content, then €10 for a battle pass every month, not to mention buying additional content such as costumes, vbux and more, expect this ‘free’ game to be one of the most expensive games you’ll purchase for your children.

I find this game to do every bit as much if not more damage to the minds of the current youth even more than Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, which encourages violence and horrific language to gangs, pimps, hookers and nore.

So parents I urge you al to please bare all this in mind before you let your kids to continue to play this game, before its too late and you too can’t control it or have them play it in moderation, I would be a bit critical myself if I didn’t admit I used to do quite a bit of online gaming myself many years ago when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released I racked up many hours online and got quite addicted myself to the point it was all I played.

So from my personal experience folks either stop before its too late or make sure they play this game in moderation

Stone Broken – Ain’t Always Easy

STONE BROKEN are back with a brand new album entitled AIN’T ALWAYS EASY available everywhere now via Spinefarm records, this is the very eagerly awaited followup to their explosive 2016 scdebut ALL IN TIME, and I for one cannot wait to get this underway so without any further delay here we go


Okay so I know I reviewed this and another single recently and this one in particular I had mixed feelings about, but I must admit I may have been very wrong I know people say go with the gut instict or what you initially thought but in this case I’m going to hold my hands up and admit I was very wrong, this track simply explodes out of the park with a very heavy introduction followed by a rather BLACK STONE CHERRY/NICKELBACK-esque intro that leaves you waiting and waiting, the chorus is actually very inspiring the more I hear it, but this one really shines on the guitaring just that bit more than anything, taking absolutely nothing from Robyn behind the kit because from the get go there was no stopping her in this particular track.


This one I wasn’t sure what to expect with the title but I can answer this one very simple if you are a fan of DARK HORSE era of NICKELBACK or SCARS AND SOUVINERE’S by THEORY OF A DEADMAN you will absolutely love this track it’s fast pace, hard hitting, in your face introduction bares a striking resemblance to STONE BROKEN‘s SAVE TOMORROW, but when it settles down there’s a very sexual theme and the chorus is not only insanely good and catchy but it’s intensely heavy as is the following bridge this is the perfect POST GRUNGE vibe that a lot of bands went away from but I for one really welcome this one, way to remind us what brought this genre to where it is today!


This has to be one of my personal favourites that STONE BROKEN has released period! With a very personal message that not many have the guts to take on and speak about. Without going too into detail this is a very strong message on more levels than I can put into words, it’s emotional and physical message is nothing short of, a little overwhelming if I were to be brutally honest, the lyrics hide nothing, the music is perfectly fitted for the theme and point of the track and the heartbeat introduction was the perfect touch, if you’ve not yet seen the video for this track I urge you all to do so right now via YouTube.


This would be the first ballad of the album which is no stranger to STONE BROKEN, and from the beautiful structure of the track from the music which you may be expecting a very powerful yet southern tempo solo, a chilled bridge, a beautiful verse and acompanied chorus, you need look no further a very deep message is among us once again, that if you are a home bird and out on the road, especially with music you’ll find this issue a lot but not many construct it into a song, thats exactly what these have done with this, with a modern SKYNYRD feel meeting a unique twist this track is nothing short of beautiful!


Another exploding introduction which does not let up at all, this is a very in your face song which is just head pounding, fist thumping from the get go and you just don’t want to let up, the verse does give you a little time to catch your breath but before too long the chours comes back and is right back in your face again, the bridge break while very basic is flawlessly fitting just before the solo hits followed by the closing chorus this is patent STONE BROKEN and if I may point out sounds like a part II to Heartbeat Away,


Just over half way through and I’m really glad to say that this is a different direction for STONE BROKEN and I mean that by no disrespect to the initial release because if you recall I loved ALL IN TIME, though this album has a totally different direction, sure you have the ‘traditional’ theme and sound in some of the tracks but there is such diversity in this album and this is a perfect example, its a very uplifting message, that pretty much advises to do what you want, believe and make things happen! Once again, fantatisc melody, great structure, this is one of those tracks that less is more, it’s a straight forward anthem that gets the message across loud and clear with minimal effort on all members parts, and to be perfectly honest if there were any more added to it, it would take away from it! There is something about this song I can’t put my finger on but if you need that uplift in your life, or that solditude, check out this track, the best way to describe it would be old THREE DAYS GRACE a truly inspirational track telling you to not give up!

TRACK 7: DOESN’T MATTER The second this started I knew this was going to be something special, which I’m glad to say I wasn’t wrong this has a somewhat predictible introduction but this one has one major thing that so far none other had, and that’s a great tone from the bass, now don’t take that as a dig at bass players, it’s more a case, you’ve so many pointing out, that’s a great lyric, that’s a great drum beat, great riff, great solo etcetera, but this one higlights the talent as a whole band that these truly have, it alsmost singles out each member, beacuse it does stand out so much, the bass has a very profound part in this track in particular as does the octave change mid way for one word, which I’ve always looked for in any band, this track truly has it all!


Ballad #2, Now I’m sure you all are tired of me pointing out the sheer power of the vocals and lyrics, but this one struck a chord for me, even keeping personal life out of it and keeping this strictly professional, I do love these guys ballads simply because they really aren’t like anything I’ve ever heard, sure we’ve many similar tones by other artists which I won’t deny but none of them simply grasp you quite the way STONE BROKEN do, and if you are one that single out lyrics over anything and are a bit of a romantic this is the one for you! Proving once again, STONE BROKEN hit hard, hit heavy, drop light, they are the band that has something for everyone!


Memory is something that sticks in your head, that’s exactly what this track will do, I can never find the words when listening to these guys, there’s so much diversity, that you can’t just find the words. The opening riff is once again true STONE BROKEN style, hard and heavy, the chorus key change is a pleasant and unexpected change, but the one thing that stood out to me so much was the pre-chorus which personally I can’t say I’ve heard STONE BROKEN use before or at east not as prfound, the bridge is another head thumping wait, for RICH to kick back in with that final chours and the band collide once more to a ‘to quote Jack Black’ face melting closure.


This is a true old school THEORY OF A DEADMAN, track, before getting into this I know a lot will also point out ‘hey this is a STONE BROKEN album, correct but for every band there are a lot of others to inspire them, which the band have in an earlier interview pointed out which are their respected inspirations, now taking once again nothing from STONE BROKEN this track is one of those that reminds you these bands do exist, back to the track, it’s more of a laid back tempo in it’s own way this is one of those take a step back, there is so much going on in this track that I’m unsure how they made it fit together so nicely, I would like to point out one line that stood out to me, which I don’t do generally but this one was a verse that had to be pointed ‘It’s hard enough to watch your dreams go by, to live a life with no regret ’cause it’s the only one your gonna get, live your life with no regret because the future hasn’t happened yet’ what a powerful mesage, this track to no surprise sits right up there in my recommended tracks.


Here it is, the end of the album, what a hell of a ride it’s been so far, now this is by far the one that stands out so much and it simply is the one that in my opinion is going to make these become as international as it gets, world wide acknowledgement, that’s right it’s that radio friendly track that you hate to love but can’t help but love, it’s such a summer anthem, and the best way you could close this flawless album, I genuinely can’t say a lot about this, but in true STONE BROKEN form, great lyrics, perfectly fitting music, I am a little lost for words to close this review but this truly has been one of my favourite bands to review to date


STONE BROKEN truly keep impressing me every single time I listen, so much to the fack if I were to pick a favourite track off this particular release, I couldn’t simply becuase there is something for every mood, and THAT is what makes this band a true force to be reckoned with, these guys are going far!

AIN’T ALWAYS EASY Available worldwide purchase your copy on:

Don’t forget STONE BROKEN are currently on their U.K Tour with JARED JAMES NICHOLS and THE BAD FLOWERS




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































Stone Broken – Heartbeat Away (Single)

STONE BROKEN are plain and simple the reason I started this site they were the first I reviewed with their astonishing debut album All In Time released back in 2016, I had the pleasure of reviewing this album and doing an online interview with the band a short time after. Since the release of All In Time, STONE BROKEN, are taking the world by storm from their first performance at Download Festival UK, just last year to a UK Tour with the upcoming album Ain’t Always Easy, being released on the 2nd of March via Spinefarm Records. Also opening the Ramblin’ Man main stage this year, it’s all being a hell of a journey for STONE BROKEN. With all that being said, I bring to you not one but two singles released from the upcoming album and this track is Heartbeat Away

Wow, with such a suspense building intro you know this is gonna crush it straight away, now if anyone remembers back in 2001 a band known as NICKELBACK released the monumental Silver Side Up, with the opening track, Never Again and the other similar impact track Just For, now being a hopeless romantic myself and very defensive for a lady in need this song spoke volumes to me, it’s relate-able it’s got a very in your face message that ‘if I see you hurt that girl, your gonna deal with me’ now without letting my personal life make an impact on my opinion of this song it simply is more relative which could be why it’s my preference of these two releases.

Outside of the lyrics it’s a very chuggy song something that you’ll instantly have stuck in your head, from the drums, the lead, rhythm, bass, vocals this song is like the Anti- Lowlife Theory’s 2011 single from The Truth Is… which significantly shows some of the hugely influential artists for this band.

Final personal note if these 2 songs are anything to go by Ain’t Always Easy, will be somehow even better than All In Time, which I can’t stress enough if you are a Post Grunge fan get onto and purchase this and pre order the upcoming Ain’t Always Easy, available everywhere on March 2nd via Spinefarm Records!

Stone Broken – Worth Fighting For (Single)

STONE BROKEN are plain and simple the reason I started this site they were the first I reviewed with their astonishing debut album All In Time released back in 2016, I had the pleasure of reviewing this album and doing an online interview with the band a short time after. Since the release of All In Time, STONE BROKEN, are taking the world by storm from their first performance at Download Festival UK, just last year to a UK Tour with the upcoming album Ain’t Always Easy, being released on the 2nd of March via Spinefarm Records. Also opening the Ramblin’ Man main stage this year, it’s all being a hell of a journey for STONE BROKEN. With all that being said, I bring to you not one but two singles released from the upcoming album and the first one is

Worth Fighting For. Which jumps right into a very melodic almost metalcore-esque tapping intro accompanied by a very fitting drum beat that just leaves you bopping your head in anticipation for whats about to explode next, which does not disappoint, with a very in your face riff that just instantly drags you right in!

The verse kicks in and almost keeps you guessing, catching you very off guard not sure whats coming next, with their very renowned Theory tone, the Chorus kicks in and after all is said this song is the first STONE BROKEN track that didn’t instantly grasp me, but by no means is it a bad song, they have that perfect sound, the perfect tone, the lyrics are fantastic, the music is as solid as expected from the band but it falls flat somewhere, now upon a few more listens it really does get way better, when you grasp the whole concept it’s just as solid as anything they have written, it just took time, but with a great message, and phenomenal music as always, I can’t wait to get a hold of Ain’t Always Easy, next month!